Last week I did an internal presentation for my company, First-Utility, going over how to integrate 3D Touch and Quick Actions into Titanium. Our company has been using Titanium for a few years now and one of my research days was to look at how best to include it within our application which would add value to our customers.

One of my first thoughts was accessibility. How to give users who struggle to find what they are looking for, the easiest and quickest way of finding key areas.

It goes over a lengthy amount of detail including the introduction of 3D Touch, the differences between this and Force Touch, integration within a Titanium environment, some code examples taken from Appcelerator docs and a demo of it’s use within an existing version of our app. I also detail different uses and further applications of 3D Touch such as including widgets and uses for other industries such as gaming.

To note, I am using a mixture of tools to record this video including: YouTube studio, live broadcasting to Hangouts and Peter Lancaster was assisting me by handling QA on our Slack channel throughout.

For any further questions around this, please pop a comment in the section below and I will get back to you asap. Please be gentle as this is the first time doing this, enjoy!