Hey there!

My name’s Luke and I’m a developer from Derby in the UK. I have experience developing projects for web and mobile. Currently part of a mobile team for First Utility maintaining and engineering the customer app. I have developed a few different sites commercially and freelance for various industries, which has allowed me to pick up various skills and tidbits of knowledge along the way. If you check out my projects section, you will find out more about what I’ve been up to.

Still want to know more…okay, here’s 20 odd years crammed into a few paragraphs.

I have always had a keen interest in sport and at the age of 11 my dad took me to a local Judo club (he wanted to take me boxing but my mum wouldn’t let him). But little did we know I would take to this sport like a duck to water. I think I was 13 when I made selections for GBR’s cadet Judo team. I continued to shine and years later made the Junior and Senior teams, training towards the Olympics on the podium team. But it wasn’t to be, I didn’t make the cut. Don’t feel sorry for me, this only ignited another passion of mine, Computing.

Leaving Judo, I took the transferable skills I had acquired through being an ambassador in sport and put them towards a career in software development. I landed my first role in an apprenticeship for a small company, I was to study design at college and web development in the office. My apprenticeship flew by and I continued full time as a web and mobile developer . 3 years went by, and being ambitious I was eager to grow and learn more skills. Through the mobile skills I had learned, I managed to land myself a role within the mobile development team for my current company.

I still continue to play sport and stay active, currently exercising everyday in the gym to help me in my other endeavours such as squash, Judo (of course), cycling in the summer and more recently taking part in lots of 10km obstacle runs because I’m crazy. To balance my active lifestyle I do unwind every now and again. This may involve drinking gallons of coffee in the various third wave coffee houses I can find (@steamyard and 200degrees) or binge watching a plethora of tv shows to name a few The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Banshee, Mr.Robot, Suits, The Big Bang Theory and The Blacklist (it’s quite eclectic). To round everything off, my music taste leaves something to be desired for some, I listen to a range. But I prefer my music loud and heavy, check out my Spotify.