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Just a short post to tell you all how I have been dedicating more time and effort to learning React, Redux, ES6. With that, I have invested my time updating my Kulor project so that it is React-ified and ES6-ified as a way of having a continuous project to keep improving and learning myself.

In this process I have been collaborating with a couple of colleagues, which has meant adopting better development processes in terms of issue tracking, source control, better documentation. This can all be found on my Github.

The original development of this project was just a static page with a bit of JavaScript. The whole thing is now written using React and React-Toolbox for material design. I then bundle everything through Webpack and serve it up to my server. This has allowed me to improve on what I had previously with much more ease. I have now introduced some additional functionality such as getting a random colour, and lightening or darkening your chosen colour. There are a bunch more features on my roadmap, but for now…

Make sure to keep checking it out for updates!!


Kudzayi Mutunga (https://github.com/kudzayimutunga)